We offer delivery across the nation. Our drivers are available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week assuring you of delivery that's just in time, no hassles and NO EXCUSES.

Need a place to store your trailer?

Don't worry about that load shifting. We offer transloading and will re-palletize your load.

Answers every step of the way.
At every stage of the pickup and delivery cycle, we are creating seamless, freight flow that assures on-time delivery and greatly reduced handling.

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1. Getting Started Shipping. Liberty Trucking has developed a simplified set of guidelines to help ensure the safe, organized, and sure movement of shipments from origin to destination. We have all the information you need to begin.

To where does Liberty Trucking ship?

  • In North America and large cities throughout the continental US, you're covered.

2. Scheduling a Pickup

Call our office at 214.372.6222


3. Customer Service Center. Our representative takes pickup information, including number of pieces, weight and destination ZIP code, then instantly transmits the pickup request to the dispatcher.

4. Dispatch. A driver is dispatched. With advance shipment information, Liberty Trucking can build more-direct loads, reducing transit times and handling.

5. Pickup and Delivery. The Liberty Trucking driver will look at your bill of lading first, checking to see that it matches your shipment. Your bill of lading serves as a receipt and a contract, and contains important information you may use as a reference later to track your shipment online.
The driver then uses a progressive (pro) number sticker, the freight bill number, to tag your copy of the bill of lading, Liberty Trucking’s copy and the freight. The freight bill number is a control number that identifies your shipment and enables our computerized network to track it from origin to destination. For that reason, it’s a good idea to keep a record of all your shipment freight bill numbers.

6. Follow Up. When your shipment reaches its destination, Liberty Trucking documents the event with a delivery receipt, detailing the shipment information similar to that on your bill of lading. The destination terminal prints this delivery receipt, the consignee signs it, and it serves as proof that Liberty Trucking has met its obligation to deliver your shipment.

Other questions:

Liberty Trucking’s regional operations have more than doubled in the last year, and we are continuing to increase the number of trucks at all terminals as well as looking for new areas and terminal locations throughout the country.

Less-than-Truckload (LTL)

Liberty Trucking has developed one more way to better serve our valued customers. With our innovative computer technology we are able to match partial flatbed shipments moving along the same lanes. Our partial, or LTL service is designed specifically for those shipments that aren’t suitable for van LTL service. Rates are based on weight and length of overall loaded space.

Because Liberty Trucking serves 48 states, our LTL department is able to move partial shipments along irregular traffic lanes without the probability of transloading from one trailer to another. We handle all shipments with the same care and priority as those moving as full truckload shipments.


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